HAV (Houston Atlanta Vegas)

Watch them fall tonight

Play that song and she gonna dance for me. She might dance in front of you, but she dancing for me. We not dating, but she thinks of me when she dances on you, and no I’m not the big tipper, but she can’t wait to spend time with me. Shawty gets out 2:30 in the morning. Slipped me her number at 11 and told me to wait around. Sent girl after girl my way to tease me, but I know who I came for. The girl I met on campus who asked if I could walk her to her economy class. The beautiful mind who didn’t impress me with her body or repulse me with her insecurities about her profession. She attracted me with wit and humor. I blow kisses to the lady who has plans of leaving houstatlantavegas but isn’t ashamed of her current address. Its 2:55 and the queen of the club leaves, the lady in my life enters the car. Count up baby, lets ride.


About expressionsthroughapen

I just want to express every thought, emotion, reaction, and vision that the world, my life, and this pen help me to expreience

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