old raps


A well dressed man thats what ya girl say
Who needs a cut when i can let ya curls play
Tell ya girlfriend im comeinnn
Stop calling ya phone trying to hurry me
Last week was the slip up
But I’m not falling off
The blade on my tongue will scar you if I hiccup
The flow is like snorting coke in front of a big truck
Ya face twist ya bones break ya body shake but you wont feel that shit once
Usually this is the time for the switch up
But I’m pressed for time ya girl made a big lunch
The next time you wonder if a fly guy was at ya house listen for the zipper

I rather be alone


I rather be alone
I don’t want to talk to friends
I don’t want to be around family
I rather be alone
Let’s not talk
Because words are the results of thoughts and if this is all you can produce from that light grey matter, then i see why i want you in my space less than your brain’s actual space in mass.
Your words to my ears are like the murderous children of America, sense lees stories that leave me furious, remorse filled. Tragic and Despair, despise, disappear, disappointed, i rather not.
I want to crawl into my mind, find a place with beats headphones, with a fully charged cell phone on airplane mode, and just write. I could use the peace vs. Being at war with my self in your presence.
I rather be alone

Don’t speak


I realize i have anger issues
I noticed i have changed back for the worse
I was accepting of things, but now place spite beside everything
If your smile flashes in the wrong instance, my instinct snaps in and venom spreads from the mind
Before you can lubricate you words up with spit, my mind is sharp and swift, cut you too short to shit.
I see that i don’t like your words.
See your mind flash thoughts and i flash back to retaliate in any way i feel.
The are monstrous images in my psyche, flashes of a blind killer who only attacks ignorant sounds, so please don’t speak. Don’t make it a murder scene.

should have been me


should i lie and say i never liked you
should i lie and say i romanced you in my mind when we first met
should i lie and say it didn’t mess with me when you chose my friend over me
should i say i didn’t want you

i can say i had daydreams when i say you in that swimsuit, but i shouldn’t
i could tell you that i wanted your chocolate skin on mine but i shouldn’t
i might whisper that we could have been a power couple but i shouldn’t

i could have told you i saw it all
i could mention that i knew we would work
i could say that you are the one i will always want
but i won’t
i will just look at you and my friend together
and say it should have been me

Flicks In Those Calvins


My baby cozy
sent me flicks in her calvins
I know where im headed i know where im going
The clock can’t move fast enough
The engine can’t rev loud enough to take you off my mind
I noticed you were working out
Toning those legs
Eating fruit
snapchat told the story
Knowing your figure is curvy
Get to you house in a hurry
Everything before those pictures is blurry
Today you gon hurt me
and i can’t wait
sent 3 flicks of her in those calvins and my phone hasn’t stopped glowing
my face either
know how to tease and entice
and i like
hot girl i wonder what we can do with ice
i don’t want see stop at another light when i see you in those calvins
from the drive way i hear sade
you’re a smooth operator
seen you walking through the window
so thankful i had to write a letter to Mr. klein
im so grateful she wants to strip me out of my calvins
keep the lights on

High School Girls


I use to offer my love
Your girls never took it
i use to sing to you all
but you girls never heard me
write poems in my note books that you never saw because i knew you didn’t care
high school girls broke my developing heart because they did not have one yet
and i let it play like a freshman would
my seniors tried to teach me how to be tough on the females
hot headed, cold heart, tough lessons for a boy whose chest was sophomore
not cool to be soft any more when hurt can cause hemorrhaging
so i became solid
post high school high
seeing women who where girls from the east side
see my face and say hi
and all i can remember is those hall way days where i poured it for you
use to only get mopped off the floor by women who played janitor
now they mop & glo when they see the better man with curly hair
good father prospect
great husband potential

seen a high school girl from those days
told me she liked me back then but we were just friends
didn’t know we could play dress up with our feelings and pretend
she noticed me in the beginning and hope my hand is in hers in the end
Aunti told me about the ways ladies will bend
for good men when they went shopping and on bad men is what the spend
time seemed so much in abundance
with the mis-built man now she wants one that will function
uncle told me give the worthy the world and the worthless nothing
understand that high school girls become queens
and don’t be tarnished be cause they didn’t know you were clean
didn’t notice that young stem would grow to be at tree strong and green
glasses couldn’t help them see the promise of the boy at prom who would become KING

Time & Money


time is money
money isn’t time
think of the statement in the right tense
or find your common sense bound to common cents
elevate your state
i should never consume myself in either but i do
find myself in the belly of money
thinking of money and seeing the movie belly
shiny clothes and things to purchase
things to do and obtain
and that’s when i find myself in the stomach of time
where i feel trapped under pressure
if i don’t do it quick enough then it takes to long
if i don’t do it young enough then i’m to old
i can only obtain time when i rise and create
i can only make money when i rise and create the opportunity
Money & Time